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  • Tired of having great ideas & skills but the world don’t know about them because your ability to communicate in English is getting in the way?


  • Need to upgrade your English Communication skills but don’t know where to start?


  • Do you have troubles organizing your thoughts into clear sentences or getting people to understand you in English?

I’m Thu-Hoai Nguyen, an English Communication Strategist.

I help driven professionals and students upgrade their English Communication skills so they can communicate their intelligence and seize the opportunities that they would otherwise miss.


“If you want to spread your ideas to the world, they need to know these ideas exist (in English).”


You’re a non-native working (or dreaming of working) in an international environment and you need to:

  • Debate & discuss with fellow native English speaking colleagues fairly & effortlessly;
  • Convey your thoughts & feelings as naturally in English as in your mother tongue;
  • Explain exactly your ideas & solutions with your bosses so they could see what a wealth of knowledge & skills you have;
  • Speak to the public in presentations and talks as well as hosting interactive events.


Is it something you’ve imagined?


I’m here to tell you it’s possible.


For the past 3 years, I’ve been recognized with high honors in observance of my communication & public speaking skills in English-speaking contexts, including:

  • Top 4 debater at the International Debate Tournament (U.S.)
  • Top 5 Outstanding Delegation at the Southern Regional Model United Nations (celebrating young diplomatic talents)
  • Honored scholar to present my researches in various Honors Conferences in Georgia & Washington D.C.


What’s more important is honing my English Communication skills has helped me spread my ideas to the world and step into the role of an influencer. It resulted in my state- and national-level recognitions in two different continents for the work I do.


You know, deep down you’re meant for something bigger but your ability to communicate in English is holding you back.


That was my story, too…


I was born & grew up in a (nearly) non-English environment

But I haven’t let that stop me from being a fluent English speaker and spread my ideas to the world.


By my early 20s, I could speak English okay. To the measures of standardized tests like SAT & TOEFL, my English communication skills level sufficed. But I had a feeling that I needed to upgrade my English skill, although I didn’t know why and how. I wanted the real challenge. Speaking on a few topics that I had prepared for in TOEFL is not the same as talking with a foreigner in a totally unprepared, professional situation. And in life, there’s so much that’s not prepared. I knew I needed to prepare my English for the most spontaneous situations.


The moment I landed in the U.S. was when I realized my English communication skills were lacking. It all just went downhill from there.


Whether it was class discussions, debates, or conversing with friends during my travels, I found myself frustrated as I had a lot of ideas to share but couldn’t form proper messages. When I managed to jump in the conversation, I wasn’t able to deliver the best I had and felt like everyone was waiting on me. Having to think and translate what I was thinking (sometimes in my native language) to English was too much for my brain, so my speech was usually jarred and not coherent. Why did it take me so long to finish my thoughts?


I felt intimidated and even scared to talk at some points, because every time I opened my mouth, I failed my expectation. My other skills were making progress, but why not my speaking? There were days I didn’t want to get out of bed because I knew as soon as I got out of my dorm and said the first “hello” of the day and it felt awkward, I’d want to shut down again. The more afraid of talking I was, the less I practiced, and the more I regressed.


I was even misunderstood because of the differences of the cultures and I wasn’t able to explain my side quickly enough. A lot of times I just kept silent when hanging out with my friends as I didn’t know what to say or wasn’t able to deliver a timely response to keep up with their fluency.


But it wasn’t until when several cases of discrimination happened that I knew I needed to face this challenge once and for all. Yes, the world is not fair.


I know I had to get better, and it’s the only choice unless I let my dreams go to waste or confined my career just because I couldn’t speak English well.


So, I started observing native English speakers purposefully to see what had been preventing me from speaking effectively & enticingly. Through my research in persuasion & rhetorical criticism, I realized I had been taught the wrong way! It wasn’t focusing on your pronunciation, your accent, or your vocabulary alone. But it was to focus on the COMBINATION of English & Communication.


What you need is less about how to speak English. It is more about how to use English in oral communication situations so it’s effective and you achieve your goal for those conversations.


By shifting the focus from ENGLISH speaking to COMMUNICATION in English, I could speed up my progress and actually work on and master the most important part that mattered.


Now I communicate in English as easily as in Vietnamese…

A secret guilt I have is there are certain times I speak more fluently in English. English is usually my default language now.

Moreover, fluency in English Communication enables me to communicate my ideas & pursue my passion in a global environment. It enables me to thrive not just in Vietnam or the U.S. but actively choose where I want to base my career – an international environment without limitations.


All while enjoying a network of mentors, partners, clients, & friends circling as widely as North & South America, Asia, & Europe.


If this small town, rural girl from the most remote area can make a transformation to a global citizen, you can own your English game and make that transformation you deserve. Don’t believe in yourself? I believe in you.




Thu-Hoai Nguyen is an entrepreneur, English Communication Strategist, and experimental artist who has risen to fame being featured in the “Character” Column in the national newspaper Students of Vietnam (special New Year edition) and the only recipient of the all-state Jack Mangham Experiential Learning Awards 2018 (U.S.). Two things she’s currently working on:

– Helping non-native English speaking professionals confidently express and spread their ideas through transforming their English Communication skills.

– Preparation stage for the touring of the award-winning experimental theatre project “A oi, Bien” with Doi Cham Theatre Lab Vietnam she founded in 2017.

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