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I heartily recommend Thu Nguyen as an English Communication Coach for non-native speakers. Thu has a passion for the field of Communication and she is able to discuss complex concepts with fluency and knowledge. Her spoken and written English are excellent. With her knowledge of Communication, she can teach you how to develop fluency and confidence in your English language skills.

Dr. David A. Bobbitt

Chair and Associate Professor of Communication | Ph.D. (Rhetorical Theory and Criticism), Wesleyan College | Louisiana State University 1992.

I was teaching at a language center then and would like to improve my pronunciation as well as communication skill in English. The most obvious improvement I can see is my pronunciation and intonation. The way I spoke English was flat and boring before I started learning with Thu. But then Thu instructed me how to sound more interesting and appealing just through some simple yet helpful tips and practice, like the Spoken Hand Technique. She does not force me to imitate a certain accent but focus on training the way of producing a clear, correct sound to make myself understood. She points out a certain problem, comes up with a suitable way for me to correct it. After I have mastered a sound, she instructs me to say it beautifully.

A special feature which I cannot find anywhere else is how she combines techniques and skills of an actor/director to help me make progress not only in speaking but more importantly, in communication as well. I know now I need to pay attention more to the way I say something, especially how to emphasize the message of an utterance. Consider her not as a normal English teacher but a coach who has lots of interesting experience and ideas about English, arts, and life! It was fantastic to work with an inspirational person. One more thing I shouldn’t forget to mention is that Ms. Thu is a dedicated, accessible, patient and funny coach. Thank you so much for assisting me on my way to become a “more effective communicator.”

Tram P.

Masters Candidate, Applied Linguistics Program, Germany

I was applying for a scholarship program but got unsatisfied result. Part of the reason was my English. I knew I had to find the way to achieve, to master it. I wanted to be confident when using English.

I immediately believed in VACE after reading some notes and writings about it but I hesitated about the fee.. I considered between joining VACE and study by myself with some extra courses. However, it is like a really totally new experience to me to practice English like this. After joining, I have found the motivation and belief! I feel upgraded and free studying with the program’s method. I know why my speaking did not sound attractive and natural. I also know now the principles on how to improve my pronunciation: Break it down, exaggerate, and re-define the stress.

I get a lot of support from private tuition with Thu. VACE is special in a lot of ways. The methods like keeping the journey of the practice are so helpful! Distant online learning, flexible time, and the use of technologies also make it effective.

Van D.

Sales Executive

I had struggles with pronunciation and confidence but working with Thu has helped me improved it considerably. I’ll move to a new environment this year so being able to communicate well in English will help me a lot! I would recommend VACE to those at an intermediate level and want to improve their pronunciation as well as confidence, who thinks that English is an essential skill set that will help them transform their life.

I also improved my intonation and rhythm. My confidence has boosted. I now can speak english from the stomach with intention. Speaking from stomach, my throat doesn’t ache anymore. I believe I sound more native and natural.

Chau N.

Freelance Graphic Designer , Ireland

I have a bachelor’s degree in English and Chinese but I was hopeless about my English. My teacher at university had a master degree but I didn’t make any progress in speaking English after having taken 3 courses with her! I tried to study from YouTube videos and websites but it wasn’t until when I joined VACE that I knew in-depth how to pronounce pairs of sounds.

In my job I had the chance to practice with customers from Thai, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. but I was usually nervous and not confident everytime I made a mistake. I was concerned about investing in VACE’s program but it is an investment for my future, because my work needs English. Studying with Thu, I know how to break down a word, so that I can add emotion to my stories when I make jokes in daily life. Now, when I communicate with customers, I know how to emphasize the key ideas and talk to them in a calm manner. Even when I don’t know a terminology, I still know how to explain it to them. I’ve also been able to actively make friends with my clients outside of work, getting more comfortable and closer to them. It helps improve my relationship with clients and other areas besides my work.

Thu has a flexible schedule, is friendly and enthusiastic, and understands exactly client’s needs. The method is very useful. It has a structure and teaches me principles, which is different from some English centers I went to which taught me to imitate but I didn’t know how to apply. VACE gives me a direction and the right method so I can apply in my own communication. I’d recommend VACE to anyone who wants to study abroad, or works in international, English speaking environments.


Quyen C.

Sales Executive

I got to know VACE accidentally on the Internet. English is my passion but my speaking and listening skills were very weak. My grammar was good but my pronunciation was basic. I’ve always wanted to speak English fluently and become a full-time English teacher once my business is solid. The way I learnt English in my major at university, we only focused on grammar and writing. I also had breathing problems as I could not speak a long sentence. I got tired from speaking English easily. Thu has helped me to speak with customers with more energy, and I know how to warm up to breathe from my belly. Though I can only practice at night or when I give my children lifts to school, I have become mindful of my pronunciation and made sure I don’t miss any sound, especially the ending sounds. My improvement helps me improve my method and my confidence when I teach my students (I’m a teacher of English myself).

Loan P.

Business Owner & English Teacher

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