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– Stuck with where to start or what to do to improve how you communicate in English?

– Need to pinpoint exactly the problem that’s holding you back from speaking the way you want in English?

– Maybe you even hate your voice or the way you speak English? Do you think it’s faulty and makes you shy from talking with English speakers?


I’m Thu-Hoai and I help driven non-native English speaking professionals upgrade their English Communication skills to make that promotion or transformation happen sooner than they’d be imagining right now!


“No way, how is that possible?”

I heard you.

Right now, I’m guessing it’s taken you years, if not a decade, to learn English and you still struggle with presenting your thoughts clearly, confidently in English, right?


I’m here to tell you that:

Yes, you can..

… Convey your thoughts to your colleagues, debate with your teams about your ideas, or speak to a big crowd in public events.

… Communicate with confidence, clarity, and persuasiveness.

… Spread your ideas to the world.

No more frustration because you’re afraid of mispronouncing some words or unable to explain your opinions clearly to a foreigner.

Your professional competency and the confidence you normally have when you speak your native tongue will SHINE.


Sharpening my English Communication skills has helped me remove the bottleneck that had held me tightly during my first years living abroad.

From an intimidated, quiet non-native kid, having learned to own my confidence & differences, I’ve skyrocketed to having a business, an internationally celebrated art project, and a network of mentors, teachers, and friends from all over the world while still a fresh university graduate.

All on top of navigating a cross-cultural, cross-continent, interracial relationship.

If I hadn’t had the channel of communication, English, smoothened, I’d never have been able to share my knowledge, demonstrate my professional skill sets, and thrive in an international environment.


Work with me in VACE’s programs to tackle the big blockages that are getting in your way, upgrade your Pronunciation, Content, and Consistency issues in an integrated, holistic way!


Transform your English Communication to transform your career and life.

– Win back your confidence that’s needed to transform your communication.

(Let’s be honest here: without self-confidence, no matter how good your command of English is, no body can perceive you as a confident person. Working with VACE, you will investigate the blockages that are suppressing your confidence and clear them so that your confidence will shine from the INSIDE.)

– Speak fluently, clearly, naturally, and effectively.

– Embrace your voice and communicate from the center of it, in your own unique style.

– Spread your ideas and influence people with your messages, rather than merely being able to respond to a situation.


Curious about how we can deliver those amazing results?


Working with VACE helps you cut through all the crap and unnecessary information to help you achieve your goals in a time-efficient manner:

– Action-driven results-based systems:

Our program systems are designed to support you to take actions and implement the strategies that are practical and help you achieve your desired results.

– Train your speaking muscles and learn behind the scenes best-kept principles so you can speak clearly for life, not returning to your old bad habits of the good ole days.. 🙂

– Achieve a solid foundation, confidence, and momentum of having a clear vision so you can move forward.

– Stand on the Titan’s shoulders:

Thrive on VACE’s expertise & Resource Bank that has been developed from years of my research & training in the Communication and Performing fields, my real-life lessons from competing in debate tournaments and joining diplomatic & public speaking events with a variety of audiences, experience from working VIP clients and especially, my REAL personal experience of a non-native speaker who’s “been there, done that” to accelerate your learning, avoid making mistakes that non-native speakers usually make, and step into the role of a fluent, effective communicator sooner.


Ready to experience a real transformation in your English Communication?


Book in a no-fluff, no obligation, FREE English Communication Strategy Session here to get strategies tailored to you and the best fitted plan to help you move forward.


In case you want to know more about what’s happening inside VACE…


Take a sneak peek into our Resource Bank’s top 3 tools my clients are loving:

  • The Content Practice Model Method

“VACE’s Content Practice Model method is effective, scientific, and shows me step-by-step on how to improve my use of language and my communication in English. My previous experience in learning to speak English was messy. The Content Practice Model method helps me not only learn the vocabulary on new, interesting topics needed for my upgrade, but also develop specific examples & my own arguments to be persuasive in conversations.” – Van D.

  • The Ultimate Practice Guide

A tool that helps keep yourself accountable and solve one of the biggest problems for professional adults: too busy to care about what actually matters for you in the long term.

“The method is very useful. It has a structure and teaches me principles, which is different from some English centers I went to which taught me to imitate but I didn’t know how to apply. VACE gives me a direction and the right method so I can apply in my own communication.” – Quyen C.

  • Live VIP Mastermind Calls

“Getting immediate expert feedback helps me learn faster, gain more confidence, and make better decisions for my future communication.” – Chau N.

I take in a limited number of clients so that I know them and can deliver my advice tailored to them.

Work with me if this is you:

– You have a burning need to improve your English Communication skills.

– You care about your personal and career growth.

– You’re willing to put in the hard work and acknowledge that there’s no overnight success.

Yes, we show you the way, give you the tools to fish, but ultimately you’re the one who does the fishing.

Who is it not for?

– You’re looking for a magic trick to become fluent or think in English overnight.

– You’re not willing to put in the work.

– You can’t commit yourself to working on your growth.


Ready to transform your English Communication skills to make a leap in your career?


Book in a no-fluff, no obligation Complementary English Communication Strategy Session here to get private coaching from me and design the best fitted plan to help you move forward. I look forward to speaking with you!

What People Are Saying

I heartily recommend Thu Nguyen as an English Communication Coach for non-native speakers. Thu has a passion for the field of Communication and she is able to discuss complex concepts with fluency and knowledge. Her spoken and written English are excellent. With her knowledge of Communication, she can teach you how to develop fluency and confidence in your English language skills.

Dr. David A. Bobbitt

Chair and Associate Professor of Communication | Ph.D. (Rhetorical Theory and Criticism), Wesleyan College | Louisiana State University

Thu does not force me to imitate a certain accent but focuses on training the way of producing a clear, correct sound to make myself understood. She points out a certain problem, comes up with a suitable way for me to correct it. After I have mastered a sound, she instructs me to say it beautifully.
A special feature which I cannot find anywhere else is how she combines techniques and skills of an actor/director to help me make progress not only in speaking but more importantly, in communication as well. I know now I need to pay attention more to the way I say something, especially how to emphasize the message of an utterance. Consider her not as a normal English teacher but a coach who has lots of interesting experience and ideas about English, arts, and life! It was fantastic to work with an inspirational person.

Tram P.

Masters Candidate, Applied Linguistics Program, Germany

I was applying for a scholarship program but got unsatisfied result. Part of the reason was my English. I knew I had to find the way to achieve, to master it. I wanted to be confident when using English. After joining, I have found the motivation and belief! I feel upgraded and free studying with the program’s method. I know why my speaking did not sound attractive and natural. I also know now the principles on how to improve my pronunciation. I get a lot of support from private tuition with Thu. VACE is special in a lot of ways!

Van D.

Sales Executive, HCMC

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